Monday, April 6, 2009

There's a sick baby in my house

Sorry I have been MIA. We have been dealing with a sick baby. A very sick baby that I didn't even know was sick. When Abigail was born she was born with what we were told was an extra birth mark on the center of her back. Noah and I didn't think anything anything of it. If people asked we just told them it was an extra birth mark. Last Sunday I was playing with Abigail and noticed that the "birth mark" was peeling and draining. Well her doctor does not have a on-call system so I waited till Monday morning and called. I spoke with her doctor and she said to watch it and if it gets red and puffy to bring her in. So that's what we did. We watched it. Thursday morning when I went to get Abigail out of bed I noticed a silver dollar sized wet spot on the back of her onesie. After peeling her onesie off of her I told Noah I was taking her to the Doctor. We get there and got right in. Her doctor looked at it and said she wanted to run some test on it and also wanted to do a spinal tap. So she takes some cultures of the "birth mark" and then sends us for lab work. The lab results come back right away and the doctor calls me and says that Abigail has a viral staph infection and that I am lucky I brought her in when I did. If we would have waited another week or so Abigail would be back in the NICU. She decides to wait on the spinal tap till we get the culture results back. I am totally fine with this. She gives me a prescription for some antibiotics for Abigail.
Fast forward to today. I finally get the call from Abigail's doctor. The staph infection is not in the "birth mark" on her back. We still have no idea how or where she got the staph infection from. We still don't know what the spot on her back is. What we do know is that we caught the staph infection in time. I am meeting with Abigail's doctor on the 21st. I will be asking for a referral to a dermatologist to see if they have any better understanding on what this mark on the center of my baby's back is.
Other then that Abigail is great. To look at her you can't even tell she is sick. Her doctor told me while we are the appointment last week that to think 5 months ago she didn't even think Abigail was going to make it through the night. Now look at her. Almost 6 months old and 18.5lbs. She is such the little fighter. I am thinking of changing her nickname from tunker to warrior. But tunker fits her better. I will post pictures next time. My computer has decided to die at the moment and I am waiting for it to be fixed.


Iluska Ikeda said...

Wow, I hope they find out what the mark is soon, and that little Abigail gets rid of the staph infection right away. Your LO is a fighter for sure.

Audreee said...

I'm sorry your sweet girl was sick. I hope you get some answers from the dermatologist.